In line with my PhD, I am interested in

  • Assessment of threats to biodiversity
  • Determinants of species distributions
  • Habitat selection processes in heterogeneous landscapes
  • Disturbance, such as fire, as drivers of landscape dynamics
  • Conservation decision-making (spatial planning)

Tools for analysis

To achieve my research aims I specifically work with Geographic Information System (GIS), species distribution models and tools for spatial planning such as Marxan

Further insights I would like to address

  • Impact of global changes on ecosystem services at landscape scale
  • Functional connectivity as a tool for spatial planning

Other issues of my concern beyond 'pure' research

Transfer of scientific knowledge to:

  • Policy-makers and managers, to strengthen applied conservation science (science-policy interface)
  • Society, to make aware the general public of the need of scientific research as well as the need of public participation in scientific research (science-society interface)